New Paper Published in JACS

Recent work in collaboration with the Adams’ group at the University of Glasgow working on self-sorted multi-components gels has been published in JACS. These gels were made from a p-type material and an n-type materials that formed a p-n heterojunction and become photoconductive upon the irradiation with light. Emily Cross from the Adams group showed that by assembling these gels at different temperatures she was able to change the self-sorted network formed which could be amazingly seen using some beautiful contrast matching SANS experiments performed at the ILL Grenoble by Prof. Adams and Dr. Draper. The different networks had a huge effect on the amount of radical anion that was produced by irradiating the gels with light as seen by EPR done by Dr. Sproules, also at University of Glasgow.

Read the work here! Congratulation to Emily Cross on her first first author research paper!!

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